Total distance for championship tees - 6752 m. Championship Rating - 73.
Hole #1 - 358m - Par 4
The starting hole offers a wide fairway and plays steeply downhill to a large green that is shared with Hole #10. A cascading water feature frames the left side of this hole and separates Hole#1 & #10. After a good drive, the golfer is left with a pitch shot that my have to carry across the lake in front of the green depending on the pin position. The green, which is a double green, shared with Hole #10, must be the "largest in Africa".
Hole #2 - 173m - Par 3
The relatively short Par 3 presents the golfer with an intimidating tee shot over a lake, to a narrow green set diagonally across the line of play. Bunkers come into play both in front and behind the green.
Hole #3 - 466m - Par 5
This hole is uphill from tee to green and will play much longer than the score card suggests. After two good shots the golfer is faced with a pitch shot to a well-bunkered green.
Hole #4 - 430m - Par 4
Being downhill from tee to green, the golfer will find that this hole plays shorter than the meterage suggest. The tee shot however is tested with bunkers on the right and left of the fairway.
Hole #5 - 516m - Par 5
On this hole the golfer is faced with a tee shot that plays slightly downhill and across a valley, followed by an uphill second shot to a green that is out of reach for most golfers, except the exceptionally long hitter.
Hole #6 - 404m - Par4
As an uphill hole from tee to green, the gofer is faced with a tee shot that has to be aimed at a fairway bunker that is set towards the center of the fairway but which is generally way out of reach. The fairway bunker to the left helps to frame the hole and the golfer is offered a generously wide fairway to the right. The green is set across the line of play and is only 15m deep. The bunker in the center front of the green protects the pin position behind it.
Hole #7 - 393m - Par 4
As a shortish Par 4 from the member's tee, this hole will nevertheless play as a medium length Par 4 because of the uphill nature of the hole from the tee to the green. Four fairway bunkers define the landing area. The green is set along the line of play and the best entrance into the green is from right to left.
Hole #8 - 204m - Par 3
The tee shot calls for a downhill mid iron shot to a green that is elevated, featuring a steep bank to the left of the green with bunkers to the right and behind the green. The front of the green is open, which allows a ball to bounce onto the green.
Hole #9 - 445m - Par 4
Bunkers to the right and to the left of the fairway, on this slightly right dogleg, focuses the golfers mind on the center of the fairway. This hole plays downhill from tee to green. The green is elevated and features deep bunkers to the left and to the right and a steep slope behind he green.
Hole #10 - 364m - Par 4
Again the golfer is faced with an exciting tee shot from an elevated tee to a fairway that is much lower than the tee. The green, which is a double green, shared with Hole #1 offers many pin positions because of its enormous size - "the largest in Africa".
Hole #11 - 433m - Par 4
The golfer is offered a choice of hitting to a fairway to the left or to the right of a stream that bisects the fairway. The RHS fairway is narrow and is guarded by a bunker but an accurately struck tee shot is rewarded by offering the golfer a shorter second shot to a green that is situated on the edge of a large lake. This hole is one of the most demanding holes on the golf course and it is justifiably rated stroke 1.
Hole #12 - 169m - Par 3
On this Par 3 the play is slightly uphill, which makes club election difficult. A bunker guards the front right of he green, which slopes from back to front.
Hole #13 - 530m - Par 5
This hole plays primarily along the contour and features a fairway that slopes from right to left. Bunkering to the right of the fairway both in the first and second landing area tests the golfers inclination to use the slope of the land for extra distance.
Hole #14 - 384 m - Par 4
The landing area is guarded by fairway bunkers to the left and to the right. The approach shot to the green is from an elevated fairway and has to carry undulations and a water feature in front of the green.
Hole #15 - 192m - Par 3
A long iron is required to reach this green which features bunkers both to the left and the right. The area between the tees and the start of the fairway features indigenous grasses.
Hole #16 - 391m - Par 4
This is an unusual hole in that big mounds, just in front of the tees, feature bunkers across the line of play, with a gap in the middle which allows the golfer to see only the center of the fairway. This fairway is exceptionally wide, even though the golfer cannot see the full width of the fairway from the tees. There are no bunkers on this fairway. The second shot has to carry a water course in front of the green. This hole again plays downhill from tee to green.
Hole #17 - 406m - Par4
From the championship tee this is an extremely demanding hole because of its length and because of a huge water feature in front of the green. The unique feature of this green is a bunker set into the green, but done in such a way that the golfer does not have to chip on the green to get to any pin position.
Hole #18 - 494m - Par 5
The finishing hole is a long uphill Par 5 that features a number of bunkers in the first and second landing area. If the second shot is placed to the left side of the fairway, the golfer has a good view of the putting surface.
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