Golf Club Rules
1. Max of 4 Players at one time.
2. Speed up play.
3. Replace the divots.
4. Repair the pitch marks on the green.
5. Smooth the bunker after playing.
6. Carts to observe the 90° rule.
7. Golf Carts not be driven on the tees
8. Keep the golf carts 5m away from the green.
9. Max. of two persons on the cart at one time
10. Replace the flagstick in the hole before you leave the green.
11. No littering on the course.
Dress Regulations for Golf Course
Men Ladies
  • Recognized Golf Shoes (Soft spikes Only).
  • Tailored long trousers or slacks.
    Tailored Golf Shorts worn with calf length socks.
  • Short sport socks (preferably white) may only be worn with Bermuda shorts.
  • All other shorts must have a front zip and pockets.
  • Recognized Golf Shirts with collars.
  • Recognized Golf Shoes (Soft spikes Only).
  • Bermuda shorts, tailored skirt, golf slacks with recognized Golf Shirts with collars.
Unacceptable Dress
  • T-shirts
  • Tank Tops
  • Tracksuits
  • Denim of any colourRunning
  • Running Shoes
  • Board
  • Sun Tops
  • Beachwear
The Management trust that these guidelines will assist members and guests to enjoy the facilities at Blue Valley Golf & Country Club whilst maintaining the standards expected.

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